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Marie Alfano

Boy Mom (My favorite title), CEO, Licensed Esthetician, Certified Permanent Makeup Artist & Removal Specialist

Marie began her esthetic career in 2015 and quickly became obsessed with skin and eyebrows. She started working in one of Chicago’s top spas as an esthetician, but always had an entrepreneurial mindset. By continuing to further her education and look for a solution to her own brows, she discovered microblading and never looked back!

In 2016, Marie began her training and became a certified 3-D Eyebrow Microblading Technician. She trained at the only board of education certified school in the state of Illinois, completing the required 100 hours of education by the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP). Once established in her business, she became certified in permanent eyeliner, lip blush, scalp micropigmentation, saline tattoo removal, as well as many other advanced courses like pigment color theory, eyeliner design, and advanced eyebrow techniques using a tattoo machine (powder, ombre). Marie has also created her own technique for Hybrid brows which she has  a course and plans to begin teaching other aspiring permanent makeup artists soon.