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PMU Removal

The tattoo and PMU removal technique is a method of tattoo and PMU ink extraction which is designed to remove tattoo and permanent makeup (PMU) ink pigments from the body. This method works much like having the original tattoo and PMU, but instead of ink it uses a specially formulated chemical that bonds with the original tattoo and PMU ink to draw it to the skin surface. The removal formula is delivered to the ink using a high specification digital permanent make-up machine.

Xtract® Removal

Extraction Removal and scar revision is a procedure done on a scar to alter the appearance of the scar. The revision may improve the cosmetic appearance of the scar, restore function to a part of the body that may have been restricted by the scar, or improve an itchy scar. It is important to remember that scars cannot be completely removed.


“Removal lift” typically refers to a procedure or technique used to remove or reduce the appearance of certain cosmetic treatments or enhancements. It can apply to various areas, such as the face, body, or even specific treatments like tattoos, fillers, or implants. The exact approach will depend on the specific treatment being addressed and the individual’s needs.


The tattoo ink is located below the top layer of skin. This makes tattoo removal more complicated.

Laser tattoo removal is a cosmetic procedure that is performed to try to remove an unwanted tattoo, it is safe, effective and takes little time to perform. Have you ever seen an old tattoo that is partially faded?

Tattoos fade naturally over time because the body’s immune system recognizes that the ink in the tattoo is a foreign substance and tries to eliminate the ink particles.

Laser tattoo removal speeds up the natural process by breaking the tattoo ink into smaller pieces that are more easily removed.